Hypnose - Zeitschrift für Hypnose und Hypnotherapie (Hypnose-ZHH)
Merge of the two magazines Experimentelle und Klinische Hypnose (ExKli) of the DGH and Hypnose und Kognition (HyKog) of the M.E.G.
Since 2005, published annually,
ISSN: 1862-4731

Zeitschrift für Grundlagen und klinische Anwendung von Hypnose und kognitiver Psychologie
From 1984 until 2004, published (half-)annually
ISSN: 0178-093X

Since 1995, published on an irregular basis,
ISSN: 0949-474X

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Open source publications, whose content and/or publication was made possible with the support of the MEG-Stiftung:

Peter, B., Böbel, E., Hagl, M., Richter, M., & Kazén, M. (2017). Personality styles of German-speaking psychotherapists differ from a norm, and male psychotherapists differ from their female colleagues. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, 840.

Peter, B., & Böbel, E. (2020). Significant differences in personality styles of securely and insecurely attached psychotherapists. Data, reflections and implications. Frontiers in Psychology, 11:611.

Schmidt, B., Hoffmann, E., & Rasch, B. (2020). Feel safe and money is less important! Hypnotic suggestions of safety decrease brain responses to monetary rewards in a risk game. Cerebral Cortex Communications, 1, 1-9.